Zulum pays tribute to fallen soldiers in Mainok

Babagana Umara , The of , has expressed sympathy and condolences to the families of soldiers killed in a fight with insurgents in Mainok city, on the -Damaturu highway, over the weekend.

The fallen soldiers were identified as heroes by Zulum’s spokesman, Malam Isa Gusau, in a statement released on Monday.

They died protecting the people of Borno and defending ’s sovereignty.

“Regardless of what happened in Mainok or how it happened, we must first and foremost acknowledge that those soldiers who died over the weekend were fellow Nigerians; they were parents of children who are now orphans, husbands to wives who are now widows, and loved ones to families and friends who are now bereaved.

“They were soldiers in our armed forces who chose to sacrifice their lives in order to keep us safe and defend our nation’s sovereignty out of love for our country. We mourn these brave soldiers, as well as everyone else who was caught up in the misfortune in Mainok.

“We honor these fallen heroes for their selfless sacrifices and hope for their eternal rest.

The statement quoted Zulum as saying, “We mourn with the families of these soldiers; we share their sorrow, commiserate with them, and commiserate with the Nigerian military.” the conclusion

Gusau, on the other hand, stated that Governor Zulum is deeply disturbed by the incident, especially given the fact that insurgents have been operating along the Maiduguri-Damaturu road incessantly, endangering the safety of travelers and robbing businesses.

“Zulum is assuring the people of Borno that the setback in Mainok will not deter the state government from its continued collaborative efforts towards ending the insurgency. The Governor calls on the military, other armed forces and volunteers at battlefronts to remain resolute while urging all stakeholders at the highest levels, to continually approach equipping and supporting front line troops with the fear of God, bearing in mind that everyone will one day account for his or her doing or misdoing”, the statement adds.

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