You’ll regret it if Pantami is removed, Gumi warns Nigerians

Isa Pantami, the minister of communications and digital economy, will be suspended from office, according to Ahmad Gumi, a prominent Islamic cleric.

After videos from the 2000s resurfaced showing Pantami endorsing Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, several Nigerians and groups have called on Muhammadu to fire him.

Pantami, on the other hand, has retracted his previous views on terror groups, claiming that his previous stance was focused on his experience as a youth.

Gumi said the accusations against the minister are baseless and should be dismissed in an interview with Roots TV on Monday.

“It is impossible to Islamize the whole planet. Jesus Christ came, but he was unable to convert the whole world to Christianity. Nobody can Islamise or Christianise ,” Gumi said.

“All his actions, one hundred percent, shows he is not a terrorist. Those who are terrorists are after his life. The minister should continue. His presence there is fighting the terrorist ideology.

“Show me one person he has killed. He has not killed anybody. He has not ordered the killing of anybody. Discard the fake news. The man is stabilising a government among a section of youths, which we want them to come and join in nation-building. They should not throw him away. Leave him. He is not a terrorist sympathiser.

“And you, on the other hand, are battling them. No, it’s not true. You should hire more Pantamis and place them in positions of authority. It will settle down. Don’t get rid of him. You’ll be sorry.”

Pantami has also been defended by the , which claims that information and communications technology (ICT) firms are behind demands for his dismissal.

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