”We need to assist women” – Actor Junior Pope tells men

Nollywood actor Junior Pope has shown that a man can also do a job that is seen as the sole responsibility of a woman.
He shared a heartwarming of himself giving his newborn son a warm bath.
In the video, the actor sat down on a small stool, his legs were laid across his son’s bathing bowl as he placed his baby in a way that he faced him.
While bathing him gently, the actor was singing to his boy. Soon, he gently poured water with a cup on the body of his baby. As his son cried, he made funny sounds to pacify the boy while calling him his king.
”God Bless Our Parents Jooor ……Not Just Mama When I Am Home, My Kids Know I Am Home………We need to assist women, Them no be jacky…….”he captioned the video.

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