We don’t buy arms, we produce them locally – IPOB

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) claims that the Eastern Security Network’s (ESN) weapons are made in the country.

The banned group was responding to reports that it was preparing an assault on banks in order to obtain cash for weapons.

In a statement, IPOB’s media and publicity secretary, Emma Strong, denied the claim, saying the group is not a criminal organization and has no plans to target any institutions.

IPOB, according to Strong, manufactures weaponry locally and is unable to obtain funds for guns through illegal activities.

“Our intelligence unit has uncovered fabricated propaganda by the Department of State Services (DSS) that the Eastern Security Network (ESN) is planning to attack banks in Biafraland in order to obtain money to buy arms,” he said.

“The DSS is spreading this vile propaganda in order to blackmail ESN and IPOB and tarnish our international image.

“As a result, we wish to disprove this brazen lie from the pit of hell. IPOB and ESN are not offenders, and we have no intentions or objectives to attack any organization, including banks.

‘We don’t need money to buy weapons because we make them ourselves and can’t threaten or kidnap someone for ransom.’

“We don’t cause suffering to the people for whom we are fighting for their liberty. DSS must put an end to this nonsense and devote their time to something more worthwhile. This dreadful script is doomed to fail.

“We cannot engage in armed robbery against any person or group because POB and ESN are very disciplined organizations. ESN has never abandoned its mission of defending Biafra land from Fulani terrorists and killer herdsmen.

“All banks in Biafraland should be wary of the DSS because it is likely that they are trying to fund bank attacks and then blame it on IPOB and ESN operatives as usual.

‘The double-faced Nigerian security agencies have been staging this kind of attacks in so many places and later point accusing fingers at IPOB and ESN.

“They tried to blame us for the attacks on security formations in the South’East, but now that it is clear that we are not to blame, they have quickly changed tactics in their desperate attempt to blackmail us and find a cheap reason to declare another special military operation in the region. Our citizens must be wise and not fall for their ruses.”

Powerful added that IPOB would resist attempts by criminals to attack institutions and put the blame on them.

IPOB and its ESN have been accused of carrying out attacks targeting security facilities in the south-east.

The police accused the group of being behind the attacks on a police command headquarters and the federal prison in Imo state on April 5.

But the group insists that its members are peaceful.

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