Watch How Boyfriend Murders Girlfriend Juliet, After Another Guy Bought Her A Smart Phone

Breaking , a Jealous boyfriend has reportedly murdered his girlfriend over a new purchased for her by another guy in Accra.
The incident which happened on Saturday, left everyone suspecting her boyfriend Shatta to be involved in the assassination of the young lady.
It is asserted that the said casualty Juliet Obu is a twin dating a person called Shatta and they had a contradiction after an alternate person got her a telephone, Camon 15.
The said Shatta wrecked the telephone and that started the hazard. He vowed to get her an iPhone as a substitution to the spoilt one.
MICNAIJ learnt by dear companions who stated that the person was in Doryumu today however he remains at Afienya. The said woman was beaten by Shatta (the sweetheart) on Saturday and that prompted the entire brouhaha.
Shatta, later went with his companions to request absolution and mollify the person in question.
As indicated by observer, they said Juliet left town to go spruce up around 8:00pm, she was later called by her sweetheart.
She went quickly without putting on shoes to meet the attacker, who cut her to death.
The desirous beau wounded and cut her at a few spots around 9:00pm — making her to drain bountifully prompting her demise.
The drove by Mawuli has taken the dead body to the Police Mortuary in Accra.
Examiners are as yet looking for the aggressors. The suspect is calling a dear companion of Juliet Obu, asserting he was captured by two people around the Doryumu Cementary.
Jealous Boyfriend Reportedly Murders Girlfriend Juliet, After Another Guy Bought Her A SmartPhone (Video)
Juliet Obu
The suspect is yet to be as captured, the police Service at Shai Hills correctly Doryumu. The suspect is as yet in correspondence with the best of Juliet, needing to meet her. The Police are working close by to carry the guilty party to book.
It is affirmed that Juliet is the thirteenth casualty, to be butchered by Shatta, the life partner.
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