Troops Thwart Boko Haram’s Attempt on Gamboru Ngala, Recover Guntruck

Troops that thwarted ’s efforts against Gamboru Ngala and rebuilt Nigerian forces in Guntruk late Thursday thwarted an attempt by terrorist elements Boko Haram to attack Gamboru Ngala, state, by covering it with fire.
Military sources told Gazette that the terrorists attacked the city from various locations, but were effectively crushed and destroyed by the fleeing troops who killed a number of them and took away guns, motorbikes and other weapons. In a protracted assault on Boko Haram rebels, Nigerian forces operating under the auspices of Operation Tura Ta Kai Bango recently combed another axis in the state in search of rebel remnants.
In many places it is believed that new initiatives and forces to fight against terrorist elements in their hiding places will be the masterminds that will eventually seal the fate of the terrorists.

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