Sunday Igboho wants to protect his people – Tunde Bakare says

Pastor Tunde Bakare responded to a growing story about shepherds in the Southwest and the complex steps that have been taken by state actors such as Sandy Igboho.
Reverend Bacare advised the government to be more active in matters of brewing safety and warned that Sunday Igboho must not act outside the legal framework.
Answering a question on Arise’s television, the outspoken pastor was relieved to hear that Igboho came to Ioni von Ife on Sunday for his fiery testimony of the role of the royal father and other Yoruba leaders in dealing with Fulani pastors serving Southwest Terrorism, sorry.
“I am delighted to hear Igboho apologize on Sunday, Ooni’s chair must be respected.” While Igboho tries to protect his people, he must be careful not to break the law, “he said.
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He warned that no action should be taken to make Yorubas feel threatened in Fulani.
He advised the government to do more to ensure the safety of life and property.
In the viral , Sandy Igboho apologizes to Ife’s Ooni on Thursday morning, saying he will never neglect the king’s seat.

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