Stakeholder Calls On State Government To Take Responsibility For Insecurity In Borno State

The government of state has been called upon to focus more on what she can do to secure her citizenry rather than relying on the government. The call was made in the aftermath of killing of about 70 farmers in zabarmari, Jere local government area.
A local and business entrepreneur, Mohammed Abdallah said if the state government was serious with ending insurgency and restoring lasting peace in the state, she can recruit her own mercenaries by providing modern technological warfare training to vigilantes, hunters and civilian JTF and equip them to match the terrorists heavy weaponry, “the governor is the chief security officer of the state. He said the Federal government should hire mercenaries to fight insurgency. If he really mean what he is saying he can train his own mercenaries amongst the locals by training local private mercenaries form all the 27 local government areas.
Let’s say, he recruits ten thousand youths from all the local governments, train them on modern warfare and equip them. They will do better and even save cost compared to the foreign mercenaries that will be hired.
Abdallah, said the state government need to stop the propaganda of promoting sentiments and approach the security situation head on. He said the state government has wasted billions of naira buying luxury hilux vans to CJTF and other security formations without providing commensurate ammunitions.
” the government should stop this propaganda, they should stop applying cosmetics pretending they are tackling insurgency. They should take part of the blame for the failure to provide adequate security to the local farmers. Sometimes ago, they said they trained agro rangers and provided them with arms to secure farmers while cultivating their farmlands, where are the agro rangers, where were they when the insurgents slaughtered innocent farmers that they (the agro rangers) were supposed to secure?
They are wasting public funds buying modern hilux vans for civilian JTF and other personnel without no ammunitions or basic training on how to handle equipments, how can they confront the terrorists without enough training. The world has gone digital now, If the Federal government is reluctant to equip the military to fight the insurgency why can’t the state government buy state of the art fighting equipments and train the volunteers on how to use them with the aim of pursuing and killing the terrorists? With technology, we don’t have to go physical with these terrorists, we can just use technology to defeat them without much noise, and the state government can handle this without the assistance of the Federal government. he added.
Alternatively, the entrepreneur said the state government can start by providing simple security training to locals on how to defend themselves in the communities especially in gun handling and safety measures in the midst of threat or attack from the insurgents
Mohammed Abdallah said the killing of farmers was the climax of a series of countless harassment on the farmers by the boko haram fighters, he revealed that farmers in zabarmari have been sharing border with the insurgents for years now and they have never had this type of problem before. ” we share boundaries with the boko haram terrorists, we share farmlands with them too. We know them and they have never given us any impression that our lives are in threat. They always tell us to go on with our normal activities that they don’t have problems with us. But the killing of the over 70 farmers was a complete shock to all of us.
He said the presidential spokesperson who said the people ought to have sought clearance from the army before embarking on the harvest of their produce deserve to be sacked for being so insensitive and careless. If I may ask, did we seek for clearance from the army before farming? Why is the presidency giving excuses for her negligence and failure, Abdallah said.

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