Shehu of Borno And His Cabinet Explore Zabarmari

Sayyid Abubakar Ibn Umar Gharbai El-Kanemi Of pay a condolence visits over the massacre of rice farmers by terrorists in Zabarmari ward in Borno on Monday.
The death toll which is still on the rise is confirmed by NEWS MEN to be 92 as at Tuesday, December 1.
Shehu of Borno on Monday made a special visit to the Zabarmari Ward in Borno State, Along side his cabinet members.
‘As the shehu of Borno I have decided to visit you to condole you over the killing of the 43 farmers, in your ward” IBN Umar Said.

Furthermore, he called on the federal government to invite some mercenaries to come and help in the fight against insurgency.

‘We can’t keep mourning on and on…we plead to the federal government to find a finality to the Boko Haram war,’ noting that the situation is already worse.

equally called on the federal government to provide sustainable infrastructure that will aid in curbing the insurgency and promoting development in the region earlier on Monday during a brief meeting with the senate president.

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