Obaseki decries corruption in state healthcare system

Edo Godwin Obaseki described the level of corruption in the state health care system, describing it as a deliberate act to destroy the system.
Obaseki, who said this in Benin. On Sunday, at a town hall meeting with state health professionals, he added that a meeting was being held with doctors to discuss progress in the state’s health system.
“I have seen unprecedented corruption in health care. The level of corruption in the country’s health system is alarming and unacceptable. We have drawn a line; it will not function as usual. It is up to you to join us or to be honest with us”, he said.
Obaseki asked the possibility that there was only one doctor in Igara, Akoko Edo’s headquarters, the local government in the country, and two in Auchi, while in Benin there were more doctors who did nothing.
“Patients in this area visit private hospitals because they have lost faith in our system. Under no circumstances should a doctor refuse publication. Over the past 10 months I have had the opportunity to discuss the country’s health system. It is well aware that the system has collapsed.
“I have information about this. We have no choice but to move forward and together we need to improve the system and get people to trust the system again.
“We have reached the end of the old order and now we need to map out a new pathway for a better and better health system in Edo,” he said.
Obaseki explained that the country’s need to move forward prompted the introduction of the Edo Health Insurance System (EDOHIS).
“Now every doctor has to report what they are doing to justify their salary. We have to be prepared because some of you earn double that of me, state governors.
“You have to create a good health system for people in Edo; we have to improve our health system. I will endanger my life for the people in Edo, their health is important to me and deserves to die from it. You must choose me, “he insisted.
The governor also ruled out a situation where monthly patient records and data were not available.
“We, as bodies that certify death and issue certificates, do not have easily accessible records,” he said.
The governor then visited Stella Obasagno Hospital to determine the level of facilities on site and later warned that health workers would have a week to deal with state health system problems and find permanent solutions.
“I gave them a week to organize and understand the things we need to do. The policies, procedures, systems and structures we need to put in place to achieve the level of efficiency we need.
“We are investing in our hospital system. In our employees and restarting our schools for midwifery and nursing schools,” said the governor.

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