NPAN thinks suspension of Twitter in Nigeria is wrong, overreaction

yesterday suspended, indefinitely, the operation of the popular social media platform, Twitter, for deleting the warning of Muhammadu to the insurrectionists in southeast Nigeria, who have been vandalizing the symbols of the authority of the state.

These lawless ones have been committing arson against public assets like police stations, prisons and the courts; freeing prisoners from lawful custody, killing policemen and soldiers, as well as harmless civilians.

It is a state of fear in the South East of Nigeria, as in almost all over the country where terrorists, kidnappers, farmer/herder clashes have almost crippled the country.

It is to those persons that President Buhari warned that, they may be ignorant of the cost of violence, and may attract severe sanctions, reminiscent of the 30-month Nigerian civil war, if they persist in unrestrained violence and challenge to the authority of the state.

It is that threat of maximum state reparisal that Twitter found objectionable, according to its stated policy, and sanctioned President Buhari with a deletion.

This is not the first time Twitter would sanction world leaders for infractions against its stated policy.

It did so to President of the United States of America, to global aplomb, when Trump instigated violence against the Capitol.

Nigeria has retaliated with the cudgel against Twitter, for alleged double standard, in a hasty sanctioning of Buhari, while pampering an unrestrained Nnamdi Kanu of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB).

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Kanu has used same Twitter, not just for serial hate speeches, but for actually provoking and justifying violence in his separatist agitations.

To the extent that Twitter may have been hasty in sanctioning President Buhari, and shown an uneven application of its rules against separatist Kanu, its sincerity stands questioned. It should correct itself.

However, The Proprietors’ Association of Nigeria, (NPAN), in a statement signed by its President, Kabiru Yusuf, thinks that the suspension of Twitter’s operation by Nigerians is wrong and an overreaction.

It said, the action would not win us friends, as closure of public space, limits public discourse and democratic advancement.

It added that, it is a futile exercise in any case, as other platforms are more likely to suspect Nigeria’s intentions, towards democratic tenets, and act adversarially towards Nigeria.

Twitter, the statement said, is a global platform for public communication, that has expanded the frontiers of Free Speech and Press Freedom.

It is a platform for business that has brought relief to Nigeria’s youthful population, who have prospered by its operation.

The NPAN believes Twitter as a business is not infallible, and can be influenced through high level engagement, to be a more responsive, liberal platform of public good and not a cynical champion of suspicious causes.

It believes that there should be a compromise: Nigeria needs friends and not enemies at this critical juncture of her existence.

It said Nigeria should not play into the hands of the enemies, who are relentless in seeking to destroy and ostracise her.

The statement said, banning Twitter is regressive and should be rescinded in favour of dialogue.

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