Northern Elders: There Are Millions Of Fulani Living Legal These Attacks Must Stop

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has urged Fulani herders to return to the north if their safety in the south cannot be guaranteed.
NEF’s Director of Public Relations and Law Hakim Baba-Ahmed made the announcement on Wednesday during his speech on the Politika TV program today.
Baba-Ahmed said the resettlement council came after alleged attacks on pastors, families and churches in several southern states.
Baba-Ahmed says that millions of Fulani live legally and wonders why there are negative perceptions of race in some neighborhoods.
“Everyone in knows that the Fulani have been harassed, threatened and attacked in recent days, first in the western part of the country and now in the east,” he said.
“Some people and the community have taken the law into their own hands that they don’t want to see Fulani anywhere in Nigeria. Nigerians live legally, make a living like other Nigerians, but unfortunately they are persecuted and criminalized and everyone says they don’t don’t. done. “want to see the Fulani. Fulani has to go.
“We have confirmed that there are millions of Fulani living legally and legally, they are not bandits, they are not kidnappers, they do not break the law, so there is no need for anyone to demonize them.
“We have seen innocent people being attacked just because they are Fulani. This is unacceptable. We also find that many of them have been threatened and attacked in Oyo, and parts of the east in the last two days because livestock were killed,” we advised the Fulani to seek refuge and leave.

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