Mortar attacks: Even though we failed, Shekau claims responsibility for attack

Abubakar Shekau, factional leader of , has claimed responsibility for the failed terrorist attack on on Tuesday.

The attack, foiled by Nigerian Army troops and members of the Civilian JTF, left over 10 people dead, as a result of mortars fired randomly east-westward into the town by the terrorists, from a location behind the University of Maiduguri.

Two days later, Shekau claimed responsibility for the failed attack in a five-minute or so long , seen by our reporter.

‘I am happy that our members carried out the attack with the help of God, we are after those who are following constitution and democracy.

‘People are saying that we are defeated, we are no more strong, but only God knows that we are strong,’ the leader said in the video.

The video also featured members of the terrorists with sophisticated weapons as well as one gun truck, one hilux and motorbikes moving around while launching missiles towards the city.

The chief terrorist also ‘refuted’ the claim that his farm was captured by troops, saying that the farm does not belong to him.

‘Only God knows my source of wealth, that farm doesn’t belong to me,’ he claimed.

This paper has reported how the terrorists attempted to infiltrate the town of Maiduguri on Tuesday with rocket propelled grenades.

The attempt was foiled by security forces in conjunction with Civilian JTF.

Not all Shekau’s claims are true. Many turn out to be lies

Our correspondent however also dded that not all claims by the terrorist leader are true, citing the instance of Kankara schoolboys abduction in Katsina, where he released an audio claiming responsibility.

The claim turned out to be false as the bandits who abducted the schoolboys released them less than 48 hours after the claim, and further denied any involvement of Boko Haram in the operation.

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