JUST IN: Nigerian Military Airstrike Kills Notorious ISWAP Governor

The Lake Chad Basin (LCB) jihadist factions – Boko Haram JAS and Islamic State of West Africa Province ( ISWAP) suffered another devastating loss of its top leadership, foot soldiers and armoury base at a location confirmed by impeccable sources as Ingilwa, Tudun Wulgo, Sabon Tumbu, Jibularam and Abaganaram.
The intelligence led aerial and ground coordinated operation launched by the Nigerian army and two Air Force jets targeted the jihadist group’s strategic human and material capacity on Tuesday, December 01, 2020, at the hours of 11:00am – 12:00pm local time.
An early damage assessment confirmed the successful operation led to the elimination of more than 100 jihadist, including several high-ranking insurgents’ commanders, foot soldiers and Hisbah police from the ISWAP faction, Abubakar Shekau faction and foreign mercenaries.
Amongst those who were killed and injured;
Abduljallah – a notorious war commander overseeing operations around locations given as Gari Ba, amfani.
Amir Goni Maina, the ISWAP newly appointed of the LCB who took over from Amir Baba Kaka who was sacked in a major jihadist shake up in July 2020 after escaping an assassination attempt by his own commanders.
Another notorious Commander- Mohammed Maina was injured and sources say he and others were moved using 3 ‘flying boats’ to a camp in a location given as Duguri village in the far north of state.
A detailed ground assessment is underway being to confirm the level of damages on the jihadist groups leadership.
The intelligence led aerial strike targeted a planned jihadist reunion meeting just days after the JAS faction claimed an ambush on local farmers in Koshebe, the Zabarmari community in Borno state. About 43 farmers were hacked to death after jihadist accused them of arresting one of their fighters and conniving with state security forces in the battle of winning hearts and minds.
The targeted jihadist gathering was expected to bring together and reconcile three fighting militant groups comprising of ISIS linked ISWAP, the JAS Shekau faction and the Buduma factions operating along the Lake Chad Basin (LCB), the Mandara mountains and Sambisa Forest.
The intensified intelligence led COIN ground and aerial offensives by the Nigerian Army; Nigerian Air- Force and regional states Chad , Niger and Cameroon must be sustained on identified ISIS hideouts and deny them further collaboration with local, regional and international Al-Qaida, ISIS and Other terrorist mercenaries.

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