JUST IN: Anambra monarchs undergo COVID-19 test

TRADITIONAL rulers in state have been tested for as part of measures to contain the pandemic in the state. The practice caused unrest among the royal fathers as they awaited the results.
Officials from the State Ministry of Health conduct the exercises in the Traditional Ruling Council room at the Avka government house.
Gazette noted that the test was necessary to ensure that the royal father was not infected with the virus, as it would be dangerous for their people.
Igvi Council Vice Sandy Okafor, speaking after the exercise, reminded colleagues that COVID-19 is not a death sentence, adding that such tests are key to early detection and will increase the chances of survival.
The king insulted some Nigerians who still believe that COVID-19 is not real and urged them to take advantage of the free trials.
The Royal Fathers urged state governments to extend COVID-19 testing to all villages in the state, but promised to ensure the full implementation of COVID-19 guidelines in their communities.
State Disease Surveillance and Alert Officer Nelly Dyke stated that the second wave of COVID-19 seemed more lethal and pleased with the traditional manager’s presence for the test.
According to him, knowing the status of traditional rulers would help limit the spread of the virus in different communities.

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