In Patuakhali, the bride committed suicide by writing notes on a scarf

In Patuakhali, a bride named Kulsum Begum (18) committed suicide by writing notes on a scarf. On Wednesday night (April 29), Kulsum committed suicide by hanging himself with a blanket over his home.

Around 8 am on Thursday, his family members found Kulsum hanging from the wall of the house. They hurried down and saw that Kulsum was dead. Then they took Kulsum’s body from that house to their old house. Before hanging, Kulsum left a suicide note on his scarf. So it was written that no one is responsible for his death and he loves one very much.

Upon receiving the news in the morning, the Sadar Station visited the spot, seized the note written by Kulsum and the used mobile phone and recovered the body and sent it to the morgue for autopsy.

The deceased was identified as Kulsum, daughter of Kabir Ghazi of West Hetalia area. A few months ago, Kulsum was married to Masud of Auliapur area by his family. Masood had his cabin with him but has not picked it up yet. Masood works in Chittagong. Masood never came to Kulsum’s house after marriage. But Kulsum did not accept the marriage as she had an affair with another boy. Later on Wednesday night, he committed suicide with his family members.

Asked by Patuakhali Sadar Police Station OC Akhtar Morshed, he said the body was recovered and sent to the morgue. Necessary legal action is being taken.

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