Igbo calls for disbandment of ‘Ebubeagu’ security outfit, says it’s pro-Fulani

Igbo National Council Worldwide (INC), an advocacy group rooted in sensitizing Igbo-speaking states in the fight for independence, has requested that the newly-launched southeast security outfit known as ‘Ebubeagu’ be disbanded immediately.

The group claims that the security force is part of a “pro-Fulani” plot devised by the southeast governors for their own gain.

In a statement released on Monday, the group’s , Chilos Godsent, expressed disappointment with the southeast governors’ resolution, accusing them of sabotaging the valiant and brave efforts of several community vigilantes and pro-Igbo self-determination groups who are working tirelessly in defense of the fatherland.

He urged the governors to wake up and stand on the side of the people, or they will be condemned by posterity for all time.

“The southeast governors have shown the pinnacle of cowardice by readily giving in to such a self-destructive idea,” he claims.

“From the dawn of time, the eastern Nigerian region has never been associated with acts of terrorism or banditry, until the emergence of the Fulani regime in 2015 and beyond.

“The administration has made deliberate efforts to annihilate the people, seize their territory, and convert the weaker captives to Islam, but we must fight back with every drop of blood we have.

“As a result, we implore the governors of the Southeast zone to swallow their pride and listen to the majority of the people they swore to defend.

“Similarly, we demand that the Ebubeagu security outfit be disbanded immediately, and that a new process be adopted to create an indigenous South East Security Outfit that is independent of the Fulani control.

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