Herdsmen Capture Pastor Adeboye’s Town, Kidnap Three Chinese, Kill Policeman

Gunsmiths suspected of being in the Fulani Reserve stormed the village of Akere in Ifevara, , kidnapping three Chinese workers and killing their police bodyguard.
Gazette journalists learned that gunmen attacked a mine in the city where they kidnapped Chinese immigrants after killing their police bodyguards and shooting sporadically in the area, causing tension in the city.
Ifevara is the hometown of Pastor Enoch Adeboye, chief superintendent of the Atonement Christian Church of God, a denomination of household churches in .
According to eyewitnesses, Monday night shepherds raided property in Ifevara, Atacunmosa state, belonging to Aare’s gold, also known as the Akinsanya Chief.
“The shepherds are armed with AK-47 rifles. They raided the scene and shot the police guarding the Chinese. Then they took the three emigrants with them. They have contacted the site owner and want a ransom of N500 million, “said a source.
Brigadier General Bashir Adevinmbi (retired), commander of Asute Amotekun, confirmed the incident to Vanguard, saying a police bodyguard was killed and three Chinese immigrants were kidnapped by unknown persons.
He said Amotecun workers were stationed in the village to search for the kidnapped victims and investigate the circumstances that led to the kidnappings, but had yet to confirm requests for ransom.
“It is true that several Chinese immigrants were kidnapped by unknown persons in a minefield in a village in Ifevara. A police bodyguard was killed in the process. Our people were stationed in the village to row everywhere to rescue the victims.
“We are also investigating the circumstances behind the incident to bring the perpetrators to justice,” he said.
The spokesman for Commandos Osun of the Nigerian Civil Protection and Security Corps, Daniel Adigun, also confirmed that the incident took place on Monday and that one police officer had been killed and three immigrants kidnapped.
He added that the kidnapped Chinese workers had not yet been released.
However, he did not confirm that a ransom had been requested.

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