Geidam Attack: Victim speaks, my sister died in front of me

A woman who survived the recent attacks in Geidam, Yobe State, described how she witnessed her sister’s death.The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, told BBC Hausa that an artillery shell thrown into her room exploded, killing her sister.She mentioned that the deceased had a daughter who was just a few months old when she died.“We heard her cries for help, but there was nothing we could do before she died. We were only able to save her daughter, and God has been so gracious to her that nothing has happened to her. I’m the one who’s currently breastfeeding her.”She said that 11 people were killed in the attack and that they are now living in the bush under a tree, unsure of their future.

“She was just sitting outside but went into her room,” she explained. We have no idea where the artillery came from, but it was hurled into the room. We don’t know whether it’s from soldiers or Boko Haram; only God knows for sure.“Right now, we’re living under a pine, just watching and pondering our fate. Also read: We’ve had enough of living in constant risk. We lost both of our parents, as well as several other close relatives. What kind of life is this?“Like animals, we trekked from town to this spot. We were both in tears. We’re in trouble and, to be honest, don’t know what to do. Even as I speak with you, someone is assisting us with drinking water.”

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