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Fried foods are harmful to your body, according to a health expert

Mrs Alice Johnson, a dietician, has cautioned against consuming large amounts of fried foods.

According to Johnson, eating fried foods leads to a high calorie intake and the accumulation of trans fats, both of which are harmful to the body.

Excess calories and trans fats, according to the expert, cause heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems.

“Fried foods have a higher calorie content than non-fried foods. If you eat a ton of them, the calorie consumption can skyrocket.”

According to Johnson, when foods are fried in oil, they lose water and consume fats, raising their calorie content and trans fat content.

She explained that when oils are heated, trans fats are created, which are linked to a variety of health issues like cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Food manufacturers also hydrogenate fats, using high pressure and hydrogen gas to extend their shelf life, according to the dietician.

When oil is heated to a very high temperature during cooking, hydrogenation occurs, according to her.

“The chemical structure of fats is altered during this phase, making it impossible for our bodies to break them down. This, in turn, may have negative health consequences, according to Johnson.

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