Community in Adamawa Decries Deplorable Condition Of Road

The 36.325 kilometres linking Gombi-Ga’anda-Fotta is the only single road that links many villages with Gombi town the administrative headquarters of the local government, Shelleng local government in the Southern part of the state and Borgu in state.

Despite, its status as the economic hub of the local government and Adamawa state as a whole, the road is in deplorable condition, thereby making it having herculean task for inhabitants in the area who are peasant farmers in transporting their farm products to hinterland due to high cost of transport fare which invariably hampered economic activities in the areas.

Some inhabitants bares their mind on the development, Sandra Isa, representative of Village Head Ga’anda said “there are many places that usually cut off during rainy season, but we mobilize ourselves and filled with stones to make it motorable”.

Moses Suetana a trader lamented over exorbitant fares charged on each cartoons of goods by commercial drivers as a result of bad nature of the road, saying “the cost of goods will be moderate if there is good road”.

Another trader, Lami Elijah maintained that the road became worst this year, “for now we cannot transport bottled soft drinks as they would break into pieces, we also pay transport fare on a packet of sachet water from Gombi-Ga’anda”.

Edward Festus a Driver plying the road stated that vehicles plying the road do not last longer due to dilapidated nature of the road noted that “no new commercial vehicle that plies the road will last more than two years”.

Ladan Dashu, Chairman Trader Association in the area said though, some bridges were constructed in some areas, but now it has become death trap with accidents being recorded due to potholes.

Abbas Alkali Ibrahim a Farmer said “we spend much of time on road while transporting our farm produce to markets for sale and at the end of the day, we sale the products at lower price.

Sule Dahiru Ga’andawa a Youth leader said“many youths have lost their lives due to bad nature of the road and equally hampered the youths from engaging in skills”.

Buba Lamido a cattle dealer and Fulani leader stated that in the past “we transport goods on donkeys, but now we use vehicle and the road is terrible bad.

“We pay on each cow from N3, 000 to N4, 000 from Ga’anda to Gombi while to Song we pay N10, 000 likewise sheep or goat much are paid in transporting them for sale.

“With the delay in reaching markets on time, buyers of cattle who came from far have gone and we don’t have any alternative than to sell them at give-away prices”, he added.

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