Cement price: Group, others caution BUA to leave Dangote alone

A group, Nigerians for Fair Competition (NFFC) has cautioned the BUA Group to desist from campaigns aimed at painting other producers of cement, particularly, the Dangote Industries Limited, black in the eyes of consumers with regards to the high price of the product.

This is even as some dealers of the product, on Sunday, challenged the BUA Group to stop posturing as being on the side of the masses but take steps to reduce the prices of its products, cement inclusive.

In a statement at the weekend signed by its national coordinator, Okechukwu Sidney Osuji, NFFC asked the BUA Group to take the lead in reducing the price of cement as proof that it is on the side of consumers.

“We are appalled at the way and manner the BUA Group has been going about the issue of high price of cement in the country.

It is unethical for it to make it appear as if one of its competitors, the Dangote Group, is the one responsible for the hike in cement price. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

“Rather than continue in this blame game, BUA should leave Dangote alone, face its challenges and take practical steps that will lead to drastic reduction in the price of cement and other of its products,” the group stated.

Also speaking, a cement dealer in Oshodi area of , Mojeed Adewale, decried the campaign to pitch consumers of cement against the Dangote Group, stressing that the high price of the product is a combination of factors which should not be heaped on the Dangote Group.

“What I see with regards to who should be blamed for the high cost of cement in is envy.

People are envious of Dangote Group over its achievements in the cement industry and they want to make it appear as if the company is the one behind the high cost of the product.

No, the high cost of the product is a combination of so many factors. So people should let Dangote be,” Adewale cautioned.

Another stakeholder in the Building industry, Asiana Temitope, called on the chairman of BUA Group, Alhaji Abdulsamad Isyaku Rabiu, to stop posturing to be on the side of the people with a combination of religion and price, adding, “Such empty posturing with no commensurate action amounts to deceit and false patriotism.

He should leave Aliko Dangote alone and fashion out his own industrialisation strategy”.

“Let the BUA boss make bold to reduce price of his cement.

His cement is selling at N1300 above his factory price. Let him take the lead in reducing the price of his cement, perhaps others can follow,” he added.

Commenting, a freight forwarder at Apapa ports, Emeka Okoye, berated the BUA Group for linking the Dangote Group with the high cost of cement in the country.

He questioned the moral high ground the BUA Group and its boss have in distancing themselves from the hike in cement price.

“It is the same posturing the BUA boss and his company took on Sugar price recently, alluding collusion and price fixing. Meanwhile, he never reduced his price of sugar,” Okoye said.

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