Boy Dies While Allegedly Trying To Confirm If Death By Hanging Is Possible

A little boy identified as Kelvin Allegedly killed himself by hanging in their sitting room earlier on Friday.
According to one Vera, the Aunt’s neighbour who shared the sad news and posted his picture on social media, the incident occurred on Monday, November 30, when the boy’s aunt went to the market to purchase goods, the little boy dies while allegedly Trying to confirm if death by hanging is possible.
She claimed the boy identified as Kelvin, hung himself from the ceiling while reportedly making an attempt to confirm if its possible for one to die by hanging.
“Life is highly unpredictable, this little boy here helps the aunt in her food stuff shop, like every other business woman, she went to the market to buy goods, not knowing that tragedy awaits her yesterday. This little boy, decided to do some rehearsals, trying to find out if truly hanging himself will take his life, behold this little boy died yesterday and our neighbor now police custody. How can this happen? What went wrong? He’s well fed and taken care of, what could have pushed him into taking his own life? Oh Kelvin why? I saw him on Saturday playing about. Chai” she wrote.

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