Bandits killed 2 people as residents repulsed in Kaduna

Bandits killed two people on the Igabi Council in state, while local residents drove out gunmen trying to break into the area.
Samuel Aruvan, commissioner of homeland security and interior affairs, announced yesterday that bandits had attacked the neighborhood of Gidan Maikudi, a pastoral village in the Kerava district of Igabi, to kidnap residents.
“According to the report, local residents were deployed in the community to repel the attack and, in the ensuing shooting, beat back the retreating bandits with heavy casualties,” he said.
One resident, Maikudu Husseini, was shot dead during the shooting. Her brother, Nafiu Husseini, also knocked the ghost down while being taken to hospital with a gunshot wound.
Meanwhile, troops from Sector 2 and the Nigerian special forces Brigade with the air force have killed dozens of terrorists on the Beech / Talala / Gorgi von and Yobe axis.
They also rescue women and children after destroying ’s hideout in the Sambisa forest.
Bukar Modu, a civilian JTF who assists soldiers in counter-insurgency operations, yesterday confirmed a military rescue mission in and announced that the air force had carried out aerial reconnaissance before neutralizing dozens of terrorists in the jungle.
He said Borno and Yobe’s famous Timbuktu Triangle had remained impenetrable for the past four years despite military efforts in various operations to end terrorism.
He said that the triangle includes the beech axes, talala and gorgi from the Borno and Yobe forests.
The shaft of Lake Chad was also overrun by Nigerian troops, he said.
Air and ground operations forced Boko Haram commanders, Modu Borzogo and Modu Sulum to flee from the axis.
In another development, Sector 1, Brigade 21 and Joint Task Force Multinational (MNJTF) forces have taken over Boko Haram bases in Kidari, Argude, Takvala, Chovalta and Galdekore communities in Borno amid strong resistance from terrorists.
“However, in desperation, terrorists carried out suicide bombings with homemade explosives,” Modu said, noting that several soldiers had been killed and others injured.
The movement of civilians on the 135 kilometer-long Maiduguri / Gvoza road has been restricted to prevent accidental damage, The Guardian reported.
Regarding the synergy between the army and the air, he said: “Our successful operation has brought joy to the citizens of the Liberated Axis, with optimism that the days of terrorists will be numbered.”

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