Angola celebrates 60th anniversary amid protests

Angola marks the 60th anniversary of the start of armed struggle with official demonstrations and demonstrations.
The national flag is raised and the national anthem is sung at the Military History Museum in central Luanda.
This was followed by the laying of flowers on the Monument to the Unknown Soldier in honor of all those who fought for Angolan independence, which was accomplished fifteen years later.
Meanwhile, the National broke up a demonstration with 100 participants elsewhere in the city in protest of the economic crisis and political changes.
Authorities said the demonstration did not meet legal requirements and the participants had committed several acts of vandalism, while protesters said they were shocked by the strong police force.
The protesters also want to show their support for Kafunfo residents in the diamond area of ​​Lunda Norte, where police on Saturday suppressed what they classified as a separatist insurgency that resulted in at least six deaths.
Several NGOs condemned human rights abuses. The government has ordered a judicial investigation.

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