43 Rice Farmers attack In Zabarmari: How, why it happened

At least 43 rice farmers were, on Saturday, killed by suspected members of the their farmlands in Zabarmari, village under Jere Local of state.
The attack started in the morning hour, our source revealed, while residents of the community, known for rice farming in the state, were busy voting to elect local government council officials, for the first time in 13 years.

The funeral prayer has just been conducted at Zabarmari, and attended by Prof. Babagana Umara , governor of Borno state and other members of his cabinet.
How it happened
According to the source, the victims were busy harvesting when the insurgents summoned and assembled them.
‘We are used to Boko Haram assembly. Each time they want to call our attention or warn us they do that. The killing yesterday was with similar tactic. When they called them and assembled them, people thought it is just going to be warning, but unfortunately when their leader arrived he commanded that they should be slaughtered,’ the source said.

The source explained that when the order was given several people escaped.
‘At the assembly they slaughtered 43 people, who are all youths. Others who escaped were later trapped in bush and killed. Our friends that escaped told us they jumped many corpses while running,’

Why the attack happened
Speaking to NEWS MEN further, the source revealed that the killing by the insurgents yesterday was “very unfortunate and surprising” because at the beginning of the season they had agreement.
‘In the beginning of the season, the insurgents have given us approval to do our farming activities so long as we will not point hands on them or tip security agencies about their whereabouts.
‘I think the sudden change by insurgents yesterday was because of the earlier operations by the military in Zabarmari on the insurgents,’ the source added.

Our security correspondent also confirmed that the victims were massacred on Saturday morning just after Nigerian Army conducted a clearance operation at the terrorist hideout around the village.
The governor
Following the funeral prayer, Zulum lament the unfortunate incident.
‘First of all, accept my deepest sympathy over this carnage, once again, that affects all of us and every human with conscience.
‘I am told some persons are still missing. We have been discussing with the military since yesterday, Insha Allah the remaining people will be traced soon.’
He further stated that ‘It is disheartening that more than 40 citizens were slaughtered while they were working in their farmlands. Our people are in very difficult situations, they are in two different extreme conditions, in one side they stay at home they may be killed by hunger and starvation, on the other, they go out to their farmlands and risk getting killed by the insurgents.
‘This is very sad. We are still appealing to the Government to ensure recruitment of more our youths in the CJTF and hunters into the Nigerian military and the Civil Defence so that they can form part of the agro rangers that will protect farmers.
‘We need many boots to protect farmlands and our youths understand the terrain. We will not lose hope because we have to remain optimistic about ending the insurgency,’ Zulum said.
Muhammadu , like the state governor, expressed his grief over the killing, describing the terrorist killings as insane.
‘I condemn the killing of our hardworking farmers by terrorists in Borno State. The entire country is hurt by these senseless killings. My thoughts are with their families in this time of grief. May their souls Rest In Peace,’ Buhari said in a statement issued by Garba Shehu, his media assistant.

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