41-year-old Nigerian Man, Nwaokorie Patrick arrested in Malaysia

In Selangor, Malaysia, a 41-year-old Nigerian student was arrested for allegedly defrauding a school headmistress of nearly N13 million.

Nwaokorie Chikezi Patrick, a private college student, is accused of defrauding a 59-year-old woman of more than RM140,000 by claiming a fictitious inheritance worth RM2.4 million.

On Friday, April 16, after the charges were read out in front of Sessions judge Nurul Mardhiah Mohammed Reza in Kuara Kubu Baru, the district capital of Hulu Selangor District, Nwaokorie pleaded not guilty.

He was accused of duping the headmistress into moving RM141,262 to Adzatul Natasyah Adnan’s bank account in order to claim an inheritance he said was his father’s.

All of the crimes were allegedly committed between February 4 and March 4, 2021 at a school in this city.

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On the grounds that the accused is a foreigner, deputy public prosecutor Yong Ching Hong asked for a RM10,000 bail with two local sureties.

“Please place additional restrictions on the accused, such as requiring him to surrender his passport to the court and report to the nearest police station,” he said.

“My client is married to a Malaysian and has two children,” defense attorney M. Tharuma Ratnam said. Throughout the investigation, he also cooperated with the police.”

On all offences, the court set bail at RM72,000 with two sureties, and the accused was required to forfeit his passport to the court before the case was resolved.

The court has scheduled a hearing for June 4th.

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